Erik mh: Hosting update

2023-11-05 13:07:52 utc

I believe I’ve finished tweaking the hosting setup for — and, by extension, and ( and the root will follow along in a few months).

In short, though there’s not much Tolkien- (or Erik-) related audience in Asia, the “nearby” servers in New Delhi, Sydney, and Seattle were simply not cutting it. If the data center in New Delhi were as well-connected as the ones in Amsterdam, Seattle, and Atlanta, it probably would’ve been ideal — but ping results showed pretty clearly that it was not. So I’ve decommissioned that server (Bifur) and replaced it with one in Singapore (Bofur) and one in Seoul (Bombur). Ping times between those data centers and various points in India are certainly slower than they were from New Delhi, but not by a whole lot. And the two new servers really cover Asia much more satisfactorily. I plan to leave things this way unless I become aware of any problems. So the final list of servers follows:

all of these are fed by my local “staging” server, Thorin, in New Jersey, USA.