Erik mh: now


After a full sixteen months of essentially not being able to accomplish anything due to brain-fog and fatigue, long COVID seems at last to be in remission. I’m taking a low dose of naltrexone, as described by Reuters (“Addiction drug shows promise lifting long COVID brain fog, fatigue”) and at NIH (“Safety and efficacy of low dose naltrexone in a long covid cohort; an interventional pre-post study”), and I have finally been able to resume design and coding work. Hoorah!


So after sixteen months of little to no progress on any of my projects, I am once again taking up the reins and beginning to accomplish real work again. I’m listing these various (dream!) projects on the comparable “now” page at Vermont Softworks.


I was able to visit our friends near Buffalo, N.Y., early this month, and there was time (as often) for playing duets — Carolyn on cello, and me on bass and great bass recorders. I had just broken in a beautiful new bass when COVID hit me in May, 2022 — and I wasn’t able even open the case over the ensuing months. But Carolyn and I had a lovely time, and I’m now motivated to re-break in the bass and pick up where I left off. I’d love to find some kindred spirits nearby to play with….


The firstborn has nearly finished their linguistics degree at Brown University; one last class to take — probably in the autumn of 2024. They’ve been living with us recently, which has been lovely, but they’ve been working remotely “at” Brown and are hoping to move back to Providence late this year.

The secondborn graduated from Amherst College with a double-major in geology and drama, and are working in the Geology department at Amherst.


Early next year, I’ll be escaping the long dark cold of Vermont’s winter (now with more ice and slush thanks to climate change!) by spending eight weeks in Lima, Peru. I’m looking forward to exploring the city, getting to know some people, and finally learning more Spanish — but I nevertheless plan to work full-time. If this goes well, I may make a regular thing of it!