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In which I face anoth­er surgery

A year and a half after the “Big Sur­gery”, I gave con­fer­ence papers in Leeds (in July) and in Birm­ing­ham (in August), with sev­er­al weeks of research at the Bodlei­an Lib­rary in Oxford bridging the weeks between the two con­fer­ences. On my last day in Leeds, and through­out my first week in Oxford, I had some pretty intense pain in my chest. This, I found out later, was my trans­verse colon and great­er omentum for­cing their way up through my eso­pha­geal hiatus.… And in Octo­ber of 2020, his­tory repeated itself.…

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In which I reflect on my journey

Friends! Claudia, Alicia, Melissa, Joshue, Mau, Fran­cisco, Mon­ica, Naomi, Will, …

I’ve nev­er before tried work­ing as a “digit­al nomad,” and it’s been nearly a dec­ade since I’ve traveled in lands where I didn’t really know the lan­guage. Travel has changed aston­ish­ingly dur­ing my life­time: most of the change is massive improve­ment: Google Maps, ubi­quit­ous cel­lu­lar data, Tri­pad­visor, Uber, Airb­nb, trans­la­tion apps, Street View,… any one of these tools and ser­vices would itself ease and sim­pli­fy travel — but taken alto­geth­er, travel can be much more com­fort­able and sure. And giv­en all the vari­ous bod­ily com­plic­a­tions that now make travel more dif­fi­cult for me, these new devel­op­ments are really a game-changer for me.…

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In which I set out for sal­chipapas, fail to order Bel­gian waffles, and eat a butifarrón

Camer­on & me at La Bodega Verde (photo I took in February)

… Did I learn from pre­vi­ous exper­i­ences? Did I stop myself cold and cre­ate a new plan? I did not, no. I decided to walk down Av. Almir­ante Miguel Grau towards the main square and either take away or find a nice place to eat. This nev­er works well, since my decision-mak­ing brain is the first thing to go when I get hungry.…

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RSS fans, rejoice!

The lack of an RSS feed at has been rank­ling me, since I myself prefer to use RSS to keep tabs on inde­pend­ent blogs. And so it is with a heart­felt “Finally!” that I announce my new feed. Just add to your RSS read­er. ProcessWire, as usu­al, made it very simple. As always, I’m grate­ful to Ryan Cramer for his intu­it­ive and speedy CMS.

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In which Erik travels health­wards and back again … and again … and again

Friends have expressed con­cern — and who can blame them? — that no one has heard a peep from me since I pos­ted the good news weeks ago that I didn’t have COV­ID, and the con­com­it­ant news that I did have flu.… I have been in Lima for 6½ weeks, all of which has been delight­ful. And on a few of those days I have felt 100% myself — and, indeed, those days have been ter­rif­ic. But for about half of the days I have been plagued by, shall we say, a fairly viol­ent ver­sion of a Com­mon Trav­el­lers’ Complaint.…

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