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In which I reflect on my journey

I’ve nev­er before tried work­ing as a “digit­al nomad,” and it’s been nearly a dec­ade since I’ve traveled in lands where I didn’t really know the lan­guage. Travel has changed aston­ish­ingly dur­ing my life­time: most of the change is massive improve­ment: Google Maps, ubi­quit­ous cel­lu­lar data, Tri­pad­visor, Uber, Airb­nb, trans­la­tion apps, Street View,… any one of these tools and ser­vices would itself ease and sim­pli­fy travel — but taken alto­geth­er, travel can be much more com­fort­able and sure. And giv­en all the vari­ous bod­ily com­plic­a­tions that now make travel more dif­fi­cult for me, these new devel­op­ments are really a game-changer for me.…


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In which Erik travels health­wards and back again … and again … and again

Friends have expressed con­cern — and who can blame them? — that no one has heard a peep from me since I pos­ted the good news weeks ago that I didn’t have COV­ID, and the con­com­it­ant news that I did have flu.… I have been in Lima for 6½ weeks, all of which has been delight­ful. And on a few of those days I have felt 100% myself — and, indeed, those days have been ter­rif­ic. But for about half of the days I have been plagued by, shall we say, a fairly viol­ent ver­sion of a Com­mon Trav­el­lers’ Complaint.…


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In which my char­ger fails, and I track down another

As any trav­el­ler knows alto­geth­er too well, there are sev­er­al dif­fer­ent types of “stand­ard” elec­tric­al plugs around the world. There are many web sites that pur­port to explain the dif­fer­ent stand­ards and that offer col­or-coded maps show­ing what plugs are used in what coun­tries — but the inform­a­tion is highly con­tra­dict­ory and, in the case of Peru at any rate, incorrect.…


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In which I don’t con­tract COV­ID, but am nev­er­the­less laid low

I’m a bit behind in post­ing, for which I ask your indul­gence. I’ll tem­por­ar­ily skip over my adven­tures of the week­end, and briefly write that a vague tickle in my throat on Sunday night developed extraordin­ar­ily rap­idly into a pretty bad ill­ness. This is 2024, how­ever, so the big ques­tion was wheth­er or not it was COV­ID, espe­cially since the symp­toms seemed identic­al to those when I con­trac­ted COV­ID in May of 2020. Dear Per­uvi­an Tolki­en Soci­ety friends poin­ted me to a MiFarma web page.…


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