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In which I don’t con­tract COV­ID, but am nev­er­the­less laid low

date2024-01-23 17:14 utc
topicsPeru; health

I’m a bit behind in post­ing, for which I ask your indul­gence. I’ll tem­por­ar­ily skip over my adven­tures of the week­end, and briefly write that a vague tickle in my throat on Sunday night developed extraordin­ar­ily rap­idly into a pretty bad ill­ness. This is 2024, how­ever, so the big ques­tion was wheth­er or not it was COV­ID, espe­cially since the symp­toms seemed identic­al to those when I con­trac­ted COV­ID in May of 2020.

Dear Per­uvi­an Tolki­en Soci­ety friends poin­ted me to a MiFarma (a drug-store chain) web page with a list­ing for a quick-test kit — and I was able to just point at it and grunt intel­li­gently to the accom­mod­at­ing folks at my loc­al branch (coin­cid­ent­ally right in my build­ing). It took them a while, but they found a kit and I hauled myself back “home” and tested. Neg­at­ive! Yea!

But that’s more-or-less exactly what happened 20 months ago as well — and I unknow­ingly exposed a num­ber of people to COV­ID then (well, I was masked, but still…). And I still felt awful. I got basic­ally noth­ing done on Monday, and went to bed at 9:15. Not a good night, but at least it was long.

So today I went back, pre­pared with a list of NyQuilesque ingredi­ents that I wanted for symp­tom relief. All such goods are kept behind the counter, so I couldn’t just browse the shelves the way I can at the gro­cer­ies. Know­ing this, I’d pre­pared not just a list of my require­ments, but an intro­duct­ory sen­tence explain­ing that I wanted enough “for a few days.” I was sur­prised and, hon­estly, pleased that they broke open pack­ages. So rather than a box of twenty or thirty double-the‑U.S.-strength ibupro­fen cap­sules, I received a blister­pack of ten.

A happy sight

The good news, as you already know from the post title, is that I once again tested neg­at­ive. It’s “just” the flu. I’ve had shots for it each of the last few years (and for twenty-odd pneu­mo­ni­as last year and RSV this year), so I’m sure it will pass soon. I feel bad enough, though, that I am hor­ri­fied to think how bad things would be if I had not been vaccinated.

I have lots more to write about from Fri­day and Sunday espe­cially, but it will have to wait until look­ing at a com­puter screen no longer makes me feel woozy.