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In which my char­ger fails, and I track down another

Type O sock­ets in Peru

As any trav­el­ler knows alto­geth­er too well, there are sev­er­al dif­fer­ent types of “stand­ard” elec­tric­al plugs around the world. There are many web sites that pur­port to explain the dif­fer­ent stand­ards and that offer col­or-coded maps show­ing what plugs are used in what coun­tries — but the inform­a­tion is highly con­tra­dict­ory and, in the case of Peru at any rate, incorrect.…

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In which I don’t con­tract COV­ID, but am nev­er­the­less laid low

A happy sight

I’m a bit behind in post­ing, for which I ask your indul­gence. I’ll tem­por­ar­ily skip over my adven­tures of the week­end, and briefly write that a vague tickle in my throat on Sunday night developed extraordin­ar­ily rap­idly into a pretty bad ill­ness. This is 2024, how­ever, so the big ques­tion was wheth­er or not it was COV­ID, espe­cially since the symp­toms seemed identic­al to those when I con­trac­ted COV­ID in May of 2020. Dear Per­uvi­an Tolki­en Soci­ety friends poin­ted me to a MiFarma web page.…

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In which I meet fel­low trav­el­lers, and a friend­ship ensues

Naomi, Will, & me on the Bar­ranco marecón

Being a shy fel­low, I received the last-minute news that there were two addi­tion­al guests on my walk­ing tour of Bar­ranco with a bit of trep­id­a­tion. Three or four hours not only with a tour guide I was unfa­mil­i­ar with but also with two oth­er guests? I need not have wor­ried. After an hour or so, the tour guide (Mau) left the three of us alone briefly. The more extra­ver­ted of the two oth­er guests turned to me and said, “You seem like a nice per­son!” which she imme­di­ately fol­lowed with “Is that a weird thing to say?” …

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In which Mau hits a homerun

A mur­al by Jade Rivera

I’ve used Airb­nb extens­ively since 2015 for lodging, in loc­a­tions close to home that I know well and fur­ther afield in Edin­burgh, Prague, Par­is, and more. Only once before, how­ever, have I ever booked an Airb­nb “event” (a day-long cruise along the cost of Mar­ti­nique). It was a suc­cess; and, based on that suc­cess, I thought that find­ing the “right” experience(s) in Lima might serve as a use­ful intro­duc­tion to the city. I picked A magic­al walk­ing tour on the bohemi­an side of Lima, hos­ted by an artist (act­or and author) named Mau,…

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