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A new year…

date2024-01-01 20:57 utc
topicshealth; tech; household
Rocket Cinquantotto espresso machine
Rock­et (of Mil­an) Cin­quan­totto espresso machine

Long COV­ID essen­tially rendered me use­less from June of 2022 through Septem­ber of 2023, and everything suffered — even the prop­er care and main­ten­ance of my beloved espresso machine. To launch the new year, I per­formed a full clean­ing and main­ten­ance on my Rock­et Cin­quan­totto. I had reli­giously cleaned and pol­ished it bi-weekly from its arrival here in August of 2021 through May of 2022, but it — as with so much else in my life — lan­guished over the ensu­ing months. Since Septem­ber (and my low-dose Nal­trex­one pre­scrip­tion) I’ve been slowly catch­ing up on my to-do lists, and today seemed the per­fect day to finally give the Cin­quan­totto its long over­due deep-cleaning.

It was chal­len­ging: the O‑ring really didn’t want to come out of the machine, and once it was out, it proved almost impossible to return it (lub­ric­ated) to its right­ful place. Turned out I was mis-remem­ber­ing its prop­er ori­ent­a­tion; flip­ping it over helped a lot!

The machine now is gleam­ing. It’s con­tin­ued to make excel­lent espresso over the months — but it should be nicely improved tomor­row morn­ing! And Jake brought me an excel­lent medi­um-dark blend from a cof­fee roast­er in San Diego for Christ­mas. I’m sure the freshened machine will do it justice!