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Six-month check-up

Kar­en just reminded me that I should let you all know that I had my six-month fol­low-up check-up at the end of June, and that there was no sign of any can­cer. (I did­n’t send an update then, because they were con­cerned about elev­ated biliru­bin levels — but it looks now as if these are due to a com­pletely benign con­di­tion called Gil­ber­t’s Syn­drome — so that’s all right!) It’ll be anoth­er 4½ years before they’ll give me the “all clear,” but for this par­tic­u­lar can­cer, the first year is by far the most likely time for any recur­rence. So this is really good news! …


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Meals, maps, & Montréal

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve pos­ted. No news is more-or-less good news, though, as I’m sure you’ve guessed.

So, on Monday the 9th, on the way to Mon­tréal for the con­fer­ence, I fin­ished my radi­ation ther­apy. After bid­ding a fond farewell to the tech­ni­cians, I got to ring the lovely brass I’ve-finished-my-therapy bell that had been donated to the cen­ter by an early patient. What fun! …


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Mobile feed­ing, and a car­to­graphy conference

So just over two weeks ago I was reminded of a cartography conference that I had wanted to attend. It’s held in a different location each year and, though I’d heard good things about it, I’d never managed to attend before. I’m not a cartographer, of course, but I’d heard it was particularly welcoming to those working in neighboring fields and those who are simply interested in mapmaking. Since I am working on maps, I’d hoped at some point to attend and learn everything I could.

A backpack on a kitchen counter, opened to show a clear pouch of liquid food hanging above a battery-operated pump
My tallest back­pack, with food pouch at highest pos­sible height and pump at the low­est, with cloth for catch­ing dribbles

This year was to be a particularly simple year for me to attend, as the conference is right next door (3½ hours away) in Montréal.

But then I got cancer.

And a feeding tube....


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